This is What is Brewing


To receive a specialty grade certification, the coffee beans must have been grown in ideal climate and soil conditions, handpicked, and hand sorted. Only arabica beans can be considered specialty grade, grown at just the right altitude and climate and picked at the peak level of ripeness.

Specialty grade certification is also only awarded to beans picked under the right conditions with “near zero” defects.

Finally, the beans are tasted in terms of fragrance/aroma, flavor, aftertaste, acidity, body, balance, uniformity, sweetness, cup cleanliness and for any defects that may prevent the coffee from qualifying as specialty grade.


We are a full-service roaster and offer custom roasting, custom blending, grinding, and packaging for any size retailer, large or small.

And we are the proud supplier of top independent coffee and espresso bars, cafes, and restaurants. No account is too big or too small. That is to say we service everything from small mom and pops, to large institutions.


Toll roasting offers an alternative for those who are passionate about coffee but don’t have the means or time required to set up their own roastery. In its simplest form, it involves sourcing green beans and sending them off to an established roaster to be roasted to a set of specifications.Once roasted, the beans are packaged and sent back, after which they can be distributed and sold under a different label.