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Peru Norte
Amazonas Organic



Country/ Region: Peru, Amazonas, Cajamarca
Cupping Notes: Milk Chocolate, Molasses, Red Apple, Sweet Lemon
Country/Name: Peru Norte Amazonas Organic
Region: Amazonas, Cajamarca
Variety: Bourbon, Caturra, Typica
Elevation: 1250 – 1800 MASL
Process: Washed, Patio Dried
Certifications /Sustainability: Organic

MASL = Meters Above Sea Level

Cupping Notes

Roast Profile: City
Body: Medium
Taste: Milk Chocolate, Molasses, Red Apple, Sweet Lemon

The farmers that produce coffee exported by Perunor follow a strict quality control systems. From initial planting to harvesting and environmental conservation well after the crop. The farmers participate in regular training sessions to continue to improve the systems already in place that are funded by coffee sales and by organizations such as the World Bank.

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The shade-grown coffee by Perunor is produced in soil rich in organic matter and naturally occurring minerals. The cherry shells are used to create an organic compost used to enhance the acidity of the soil. The coffee trees are shaded by native tree?s with heights ranging from 12-30m, which follows their environmental conservation philosophy.

CuppaJoe Coffee Peru Norte Amazonas Organic

Furthermore farmers partake in small committees that comprise the Selva Andina Association. Through these groups the farmers participate in community efforts to further enhance their environments. The coffee produced by the Perunor farmers meets international standards for excellence and is consistently a high standard organic specialty coffee.


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