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Nicaragua Nueva Segovia
Star & Micro Lots



Country/ Region: Nicaragua, Nueva Segovia
Cupping Notes: Sweet, Green Apple, Dark Chocolate, Nutty
Country/Name: Nicaragua Nueva Segovia Star & Micro Lots
Region: Nuevo Segovia
Variety: Cattura, Red Cataui
Elevation: 1200 – 1700 MASL
Process: Washed, Dried on raised beds

MASL = Meters Above Sea Level

Cupping Notes

Roast Profile: City/Full City
Acidity: Moderately Bright, Crisp
Body: Creamy Full Body
Aroma: Sweet, Leather, Cocoa, Fresh wood
Taste: Sweet, Fruity Green Apple, Dark Chocolate with creamy mouthfeel and nutty Almond/Walnut finish
Finish: Long nutty dark chocolate finish

The region of Nueva Segovia is located of Nicaragua’s Northern border with Honduras. In recent years its distinguished itself for producing some of the countries best coffees with great success in the COE competitions.

CuppaJoe Coffee Nicaragua Nova Segovia

Star Lots are a combination of multiple producers prepared by Beneficio Las Segovias and owner/manager Luis Alberto Balladarez. Luis Alberto owns farms Un Regalo de D?os, La Esperanza and La Bendici?n.

CuppaJoe Coffee Nicaragua Nova Segovia

Other producers we work with are Luis Joaquin Lovo and his brother David Ariel, together they own La Pradera, Bella Aurora and Santa Teresa. Also, Mario Vilchez, he owns farms La Excelencia, Santa Gema, La Escondida and La Sant?sima.



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