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Mexico Chiapas Organic


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Country/ Region: Mexico, Fraylesca and Sierra Regions, Chiapas
Cupping Notes: Brown Sugar, Nut, Cedar, Chocolate
Country/Name: Mexico Chiapas Organic
Region: Fraylesca and Sierra Regions, Chiapas
Variety: Bourbon
Elevation: 950 – 1600 MASL
Process: Dry Mill
Certifications /Sustainability: Fairtrade Organic

MASL = Meters Above Sea Level

Cupping Notes

Roast Profile: City Roast
Acidity: Medium acidity
Body: Medium Body
Aroma: Sweet Chocolate, Woody
Taste: Nice mild coffee, Brown Sugar, Nutty, Cedar and Chocolate
Finish: Medium finish

The first coffee plants were probably brought to Mexico around 1785, most likely from Cuba or what is now the Dominican Republic. There are reports of plantations in the region of Veracruz in 1790. However, due to the wealth earned from Mexico?s rich minerals deposits, for many years there was little drive behind energizing and creating a coffee industry.

Mexico produces quite a range of coffees across its regions, from lighter-bodied, delicate coffees through to sweeter coffees with caramel, toffee or chocolate flavours in the cup.


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