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Colombia Concordia Excelso*

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Colombia Concordia Excelso*


Country/ Region: Colombia, Concordia
Cupping Notes: Fruity, Floral, Citrus and Baker’s Chocolate
The town of Concordia lies in southwestern part of the state of Antioquia, about a 2-hour drive from Medellin. It is located high up on the western mountain chain of the Andes, looking down to the Cauca River canyon, which separates the central and western cordilleras of the Andes. The town itself is at 1950 meters above sea level, and coffee plantations surround it completely, as it is by far the main economic activity.CuppaJoe Coffee Colombia Concordia - RegionThe farms in the area, particularly the ones facing the Cauca River, benefit from a special micro-climate, the hot air evaporating form the river below at 500 meters above sea level, coming up the steep slopes to the plantations which lie between 1600 and 2000 meters high.

CuppaJoe Coffee Colombia Concordia - Region

This phenomenon makes it possible to efficiently grow coffee so high up because the micro-climate resembles that of 200 meters lower land. Varieties are mostly Castillo and Caturra. The coffee is all wet milled and dried at farm level. The dry parchment is then taken to a dry mill in Medellin where it is prepared for export.

* Excelso is a grading term used for exporting coffee.


Country/Name: Colombia Concordia Excelso*
Region: Concordia, South West Antioquia
Variety: Caturra, Castillo 15-16 screen size
Elevation: 1650-1850 MASL
Process: Washed, Patio Dried
Certifications /Sustainability:

MASL = Meters Above Sea Level


Cupping Notes

Roast Profile: Full City
Acidity: Bright
Body: Round Medium
Aroma: Fruity, Floral, Citrus and Baker?s Chocolate
Taste: Fruity, Floral and Citric notes
Finish: Long chocolate finish


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