Brazil Minas Gerais


The coffee farms in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil produce some of the finest, most consistent coffees in the world.

Naturally processed and small batch roasted to slightly darker than medium roast, this coffee has a smooth, balanced medium to full body, with creamy mouthfeel.

Rich chocolate flavour and aroma notes, with hints of nutty caramel, cedar, cocoa and demerara sugar.

Country/Name: Brazil Minas Gerais
Region: Sul de Minas
Variety: Acaia, Catuai
Elevation: 850-1050 MASL
Process: Natural and Semi-washed, Patio Dried
Certifications /Sustainability: Rainforest Alliance

MASL = Meters Above Sea Level


Cupping Notes

Roast Profile: Full City
Acidity: Low
Body: Medium
Aroma: Rich Chocolate
Taste: Chocolate, Nutty Caramel, Cedar, Cocoa, Demerara Sugar


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