Be your own barista

Great for home, office, travel, camping,

or whenever you want

an amazing fresh brewed pourover on the go!

Introducing our new Single Serve Pour-Over!

Quality and Convenience in one portable pack. Just tear open and brew the perfect pour-over coffee anytime anywhere you are.

At home, in your office or hotel room, on a mountain, beside a campfire, or even when visiting the in-laws, you can make a coffee house pour-over brew.

  • It’s Canadian! Roasted and packaged on the West Coast in Vancouver, BC Canada.
  • Award-winning, innovative product!
    Winner of 2023 Grocery & Specialty Foods Most Innovative Product Award • Best Product Design.
  • The taste and aromas are amazing!
    Only the highest-grade Specialty coffees, micro roasted and hand-crafted by expert roasters of over 25 years. Nitrogen flushed to preserve freshness, allowing for a one-year shelf life.
  • Large 18g Brew Size!
    This ain’t no 10g pod… follows SCAA Gold Cup brewing standards for a proper 10-12 oz mug of coffee.
  • No special equipment needed!
    Just bring hot water and a cup.

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An Introduction

CuppaJoe OneCup is our new single-serve pour over in a large 18oz filter that allows you to enjoy Gold Cup Standard brewing wherever you are.

What you’ll Need

OneCup Single Serve
Hot Water

Brew Time


Step 1

Tear open filter along perforation at the top.

Step 2

Pull open hanger arms and place on your cup.

Step 3

Use 11oz/325ml of water just off boil.

Pour water to the top of filter in stages, until done.

Adjust water amount to desired strength.

Step 4

Carefully remove coffee filter by the hangers.

Step 5

Enjoy your fresh brewed coffee!