CuppaJoe Coffee Roaster - Online Shop
Welcome to the CuppaJoe Online Shop!

You can find your favourite coffee bean right here, at CuppaJoe Online Shop. In fact, you can order it to be ground to your preference, and choose to pick it up at one of our locations, or have it deliver to your door, contactless.

At CuppaJoe Coffee Roasters we are proud to be a Vancouver business that for over 25 years have taken coffee matters as a lot more than just business. We are proud to be your neighbour, your partner and we are happy to see you: we love to see you come and go, after your dreams, or come and stay, for a cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea and a little chat. Anyway, we’re always happy to see you, and we hope we will be spending time together soon!

Hard to choose between coffee or tea?
Come to CuppaJoe Online Shop and choose both!

Some folks like to drink coffee any time of the day. Others like to enjoy the pick-me-up of a nice, hot, freshly brewed cup of coffee during the first half of the day, leaning on decaffeinated options for the afternoon and evening. For those occasions, when you want the taste of your favourite CuppaJoe, but without the energy boost, check out our menu of Decaffeinated Coffees and also our own Loose Leaf Tea Selection, JoeT.