COVID-19 Measures

To our valued customers

The safety and well-being of our customers and staff is our utmost priority. We are continually monitoring the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) and putting precautionary measures in place to do our part to help control the spread of infection.

Actions taken to keep our retail store a safe environment for you:

  • We put custom stickers on the floor that mark two metre distances and arrows on the floor to direct customers in and out.
  • We installed a plexiglass guard on the counter to protect staff when customers are ordering and paying.
  • We implemented a no-cash system (we accept credit cards and debit payments only).
  • We have made masks mandatory for our staff.
  • We use single-use gloves when prepping food.
  • We regularly sanitize surfaces commonly touched by customers, such as all instore handles and the POS machine. We are also sanitizing surfaces commonly touched by other staff members (including espresso machine filter handles, grinder on-off switches, light switches etc.).
  • We regularly clean common areas and surfaces, including the bathroom.
  • We are only allowing a limited number of customers to sit in the store and on our designated patio spaces (limited tables and chairs will ensure adequate physical distancing). Staff have been trained to ask customers to keep a safe distance.
  • We are putting all condiments (sugar and cream/milk) in coffee cups to prevent customers from touching containers.
  • We are providing paper/plastic cups for drinks and other single-use materials for food.
  • We have implemented temperature checks for staff prior to starting each shift. In the event of a fever, staff know that they must return home and take all necessary precautions. If a staff member starts to feel ill while at work, we have a plan for who they should notify and how they will travel from the workplace to their home. Staff have been trained on the importance of staying home when sick.

What you can do:

  • Follow the BC Centre for Disease Control guidelines to protect yourself from infection.
  • Maintain two metre physical distances.
  • Wear a mask.
  • Be kind.

We recognize that things may change as the pandemic evolves. If/when ownership or staff identify a new area of concern, or if something is not working as planned, we will take steps to update these procedures.