About Us

A little art and science:
roasting coffee, artisan style.

We start by bringing in only the finest specialty coffee beans from around the world. Then, hand roasting in small batches, we craft our beans through the roasting process using our senses, not computers like some roasters.

Our Job

The Master Roaster and an Associate Roaster monitor each roast from beginning to end. They hand roast batches on 2 drum roasters, a Toper 30kg and a Probat 12kg, constantly observing the distinct colour changes and aromas. During the process, they listen for the two distinct cracks as moisture and gases are forced out of the bean. This is where the art and craftsmanship bring out the wonderful aromatics and fullest flavours of each of our coffees.

It is our roasters’ job to use their senses to know when beans flavour virtues are reached in the roast process. The roaster must monitor the roast by the second, as the colour changes through the caramelization of the bean rapidly at the end of the roast.
When the desired roast is reached, we “dump” the roast into the cooling tray where cool air is rapidly forced through the beans to stop the roasting process.
The beans must be cooled as quickly as possible to retain all that flavour.

Our Coffee

Our coffees are constantly being tasted to ensure that each roast produces the quality we expect. If we are not completely satisfied with it, we will not use that roast.
We ensure the coffee is quickly packaged and ready for delivery for the next day.

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