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Proud and happy to be here!

CuppaJoe Coffee Roasters is proud to be one of the top coffee roasters in Vancouver. Also, a retailer and wholesaler, we have been roasting some of Van’s best specialty and organic coffees for 25 years. We roast all our coffees by hand in small batches, crafting unbelievably deep rich full-flavoured and balanced coffees.

CuppaJoe is the trusted roaster for many top coffee bars, cafes, and restaurants throughout the lower mainland. Our customers range from independent espresso bars to large scale institutional accounts. We have two retail coffee bars: one at our roasting plant in South Vancouver on East Kent Ave. South (near Main and E.Kent). And the Burnaby shop, located at the Madison Centre in the Brentwood area (Lougheed and Rosser).

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Proud and happy to do it right, for you!

To be one of the best coffees in town, at CuppaJoe Coffee Roasters we start from carefully sourcing our beans. We take quality into account, but we also evaluate how its production affects the source community. In other words, we gauge what the social, economical, and environmental practices and impacts are. In fact, we do it well before we turn green beans into your favourite roast. On the road to roasting perfection, we pour our hearts into the cup for you.

CuppaJoe is an old school micro roaster. And as a true micro roaster, we adhere to only fresh roasting all our coffees. Therefore, they are all roasted in small batches to order and delivered fresh within days of roasting. Enjoying coffee within a week of roasting and then grinding right before brewing is key to getting the most out of your coffee.

We roast by hand, to our own strict roasting principles, developed over 25 years. And we do it in a traditional drum roaster, over hot air or fluid bed roasters. It offers superb heat transfer and ability to control our roasts to shape and develop each coffee to its fullest and most flavourful tastes and aromas. Think of it like cooking in an old cast iron frying pan over a non-stick aluminum frying pan.

In addition, we remain flexible enough to handle almost any roasting need. From private label roasting and packaging, to custom roasting and blending.

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