Being a part of West Coast Coffee Culture

Coffee culture has proliferated worldwide, but it will always have its start on the West Coast. Derived from those hip cities like San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, that just seem to lend themselves to the perfect coffee climate. Cool, rainy weather, conducive to gathering and sipping warm beverages in hip coffee bars, combined with a laid back life style and a culture of well prepared food and drink, created the West Coast coffee scene.

Cuppa Joe Coffee’s roots go back to those early times, when founding partner Gord Schmidt opened his first retail coffee house in Vancouver, back in 1993. The Specialty Coffee industry was still in its infancy. After training in the art of roasting in San Francisco in the fall of 1999, they soon began micro-roasting their own brand of Specialty and Organic coffees in Vancouver. They quickly built a reputation for the quality and uniqueness of their roasts. They learned and then mastered a style of micro-roasting, that brought out incredibly deep, rich, complex flavors and aromas in their coffees that made their coffee stand out against all others.

A true artisan roaster in the West Coast style, ideally suited for the West Coast coffee culture. Please enjoy an amazing coffee, inspired from one of the most amazing places on earth!

Welcome to the West Coast!